8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel In 2020

8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel In 2020

Are you using the right Hotel Marketing tactics with the changing times? Many Hoteliers are still unknown to the fact that the right Digital Marketing Strategies can help them achieve their targets and even go beyond them. While the well-known marketing techniques still help grow a hotel business, certain new situations may not show you the same results. Hence, we bring to you 8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel In 2020.

What Is The Right Way To Market Your Hotel?

In order to keep gaining traction and boost sales for your hotel, it is extremely important to keep updating your marketing tactics. Understanding the market deeply & making the right change in your approach to keep up with the competitive market is the first step towards success.

Changing consumer behaviour demands changes in the hoteliers marketing strategies too!
Study shows that a successful hotelier spends an average of 5 Hours everyday on Digital Marketing. While the ones who fail to produce content on Social Media Handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn are practically invisible in the market.

The Online Reputation & Branding of your hotel instantly brings in more sales, a good reputation for your hotel & well-known brand name in the competitive market.Hiring a Hotel Marketing Services is a smart idea if you’re just starting out.

In this article, we’re going to shed light on some effective Digital Marketing Ideas for Hotels

1. A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Anyone in search of a hotel and to steal a good deal for their vacation plans finds your hotel on certain booking engines like Booking.com or any other. The first thing they do will be looking up your hotels’ website to know more about your property and its offerings. Most of these searches are done on a mobile device.

With this in mind you need an attractive hotel website that is extremely mobile friendly at the same time.

Having a great website is important for any kind of business to gain great results. The most basic things that you will need for a decently performing website will be Location, High Resolution Images and Explanatory Content about your brand and its products, links of your Social Media Handles and SEO.

If You’re looking for this, opt for a good Digital Marketing Agency For Your Hotel.

2. Local SEO

Local SEO

Any kind of SEO for your Hotel Business is extremely important. But if you want quick and effective results, focus on Local SEO for your Hotel. While marketers and hoteliers think local SEO is just optimizing your website, its tags, images and titles, there’s much more to it than this.

Hotel Listings sites like TripAdvisor and many more carry important information about your website and hotel. So you can start with updating details & Local SEO on these listings.

Another effective thing is Google MyBusiness. It helps in ranking your hotel business on the top in case someone locally searches for similar serves such as yours. Make sure every aspect of your profile is complete with your Hotel Images and take advantage of this golden opportunity.

3. Online Reviews & Re-marketing

 Online Reviews & Re-marketing

Never ignore the Re marketing technique of Digital Marketing. Hotel Re marketing is the technique of reaching potential customers that might have once visited your website or shown interest in your hotel.

With this strategy you can ask these potential customers to return to their search and complete it. 

To put it in simple words, this is a great idea because you already know that the person is interested in your hotel and the user is ready to make a purchase or booking.

Remarketing for your hotel incase of ads and campaigns is suggested. Showcasing the users with more tempting offers and deals that they are in search of, by using the right keywords will help you reach the largest audience and appeal them to Book your Hotel.

Why are Online Reviews so important?

Online Reputation and Online Reviews is very necessary for the hotel industry and is the sole factor that talks about your Independent Hotel Identity on the online platforms

Anyone who is in search of a vacation home will first look upon the reviews and the experiences of the people who have visited the place in the past.

While hundreds and of good 5 Star reviews are up your hotel sales, even a single bad review will pay a toll upon your Hotel’s Online Reputation. In case you get one, responding to them is very important for the future visitors. Good service provided by your hotel will naturally bring in positive reviews. Social Media is another place where hoteliers carry on ORM easily.

4. Social Media

Social Media

Why is Social Media so important to promote your business? Have you ever noticed that the review section is placed right on top of a Facebook Page? This explains the importance of a social media presence. An average person spends most of his time browsing social media. Regular content about your hotel business will act as a constant reminder to the user and he naturally will reach out to you when he needs to book a hotel.

Facebook also now allows a business to take sales and bookings on the platform.

Instagram is another good option. It allows hoteliers to display amazing images of their property and its amenities while reaching an incredibly large audience. This is a brilliant way to showcase the good qualities of your hotel.

Social Media is one of the mandatory aspects among the 8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel.

In easy words, your guests won’t know about what you don’t want to tell them, and will help you flaunt your strong points to them. This will help getting easy sales in the coming future.

5. Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

Hotel Video Marketing can be your weapon to attract new clients. Producing a sleek video for your hotel, banquet, resort, villa or any property will help you gain new guests and tell them how amazing your hotel is.

Videos help your potential guests under the look and feel of your Hotel. And if they like what they see and feel through your video, they surely will give you bookings. Also, keep in mind that your competitors will already be using video marketing for their hotels. So it’s necessary to be unique and creative while producing one. This is an important one among the 8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel In 2020.

6. Blogging


Blogs add many benefits to your hotel website such as, the right keywords help you rank high on Google, it helps clients understand your hotel’s potential, and helps you showcase your strong points. Blogging largely contributes to your Website SEO.

What are you waiting for?

Increase your social media presence, tell the story of your brands, keep up with trends and reach new clients through blogging.

Tip: Yoast is a great tool to write SEO-Friendly Blogs.

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7. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In the era there Ads and Social Media Promotions is so common in the Hospitality Industry, Email marketing has become increasingly important. At the same time this is a marketing strategy that will help you save funds and reach an audience.

However there are certain points to keep in mind to make sure your hotel email marketing strategy works right. They are Segmentation, Attention Grabbing and Nurturing Respect.

8. Content Management

Content Management

For a Hotel Business, it is important to put out lots of content on the net in order to make a decent brand name online. Content in the right balance and format, on the right platforms will help you get unreal results.

For example Lots of Images on Instagram, Experiences and Stories on Facebook, Blogs on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For your hotel website, you will need a professional photographer and anything less wouldn’t do well. High resolution images are important to make a good first impression on the visitor. Also, well written descriptions that beautifully explain your property, its amenities and surroundings is necessary.

These were the 8 Effective Digital Marketing Tips For Your Hotel In 2020. If you keep these in mind while outlining your hotel marketing strategy, it will surely work wonders. Bigfoot Hospitality is always here to look after your Hotel Marketing and Hotel Revenue Management Needs.

Top 3 Channel Managers In India Reviewed by Team Bigfoot Hospitality

Top 3 Channel Managers In India Reviewed by Team Bigfoot Hospitality

What exactly does a Hotel Channel Manager do?

A Hotel Channel Manager is a software that helps to manage a hotel business effortlessly. The ideal role of a good Channel Manager is to manage rates and inventories across all OTAs and online platforms.

In this blog, we explain the Top 3 Channel Managers In India. Bigfoot Hospitality uses them to manage & boost your hotel sales instantly!

The motive of this blog is to shed light upon the Hotel Channel Manager Comparison, which will make it easy to understand which one works the best for you.

Let’s rate the effectiveness of each software based on the points mentioned below :

  • Usability
  • Connectivity & Software Speed
  • Service and Support provided
  • Features
  • Value

Having great experience and expertise in the Hotel Revenue Management industry, We as Hotel Revenue Experts would suggest these Top 3 Channel Managers are worth investing in and are of good value for the price you spend.

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Staah :

Staah is a systematically designed user-friendly software. It is best known for its incredible connectivity. Staah is the leading channel manager when it comes to managing Hotel Businesses online as well as offline through one system. The software is connected to most of the PMS and OTAs. It’s seamless integration makes it easy to work with.

Staah is a globally recognised software with its headquarters in New Zealand, and the support provided by the team is very prompt.

What makes Staah one of the Best Channel Managers In India, is that it can efficiently manage any hotel right from a vacation rental to a 7-star property. If you’re a beginner, the software may seem slightly difficult to use. Although, we promise that once you start exploring the software and its features, it’s going to give you unreal results!

The connectivity of Staah is good, and you’ll face no issue while pushing rates and inventory to OTAs. The speed factor of the software passes with great figures too!

The Review Minder system of the software is spot on to handle Hotel Reviews Online.

The value or the pricing factor of Staah is justifying, considering the features and its connectivity with most of the local PMS companies.


Ezee Centric :

On our list of Best Hotel Channel Managers, Ezee is the second software we’re talking about. The user interface of the software is modernized yet easy to understand. It is also connected to the majority of PMS.

Ezee comes with a complete package for hotels including Hotel on-site PMS to Restaurant POS.

Similar to Staah, Ezee is known throughout the globe and provides easy management solutions to all categories of hotels.

Updating rates and inventory in the systems is a hasslefree process.This makes the software easily adaptable. It has a decent connectivity with all OTAs and most of the external PMS companies.

The software processing speed is very good. Moreover, the internal team of Ezee provides quick and professional assistance whenever needed.

Ezee has recently come up with a new product called Ezee Panorama; a hotel website builder. This has been a promising update to the software.

The value we pay for this channel manager is worth every penny and it’s fair to acclaim that Ezee provides the user with more than what they actually pay.

This software has undoubtedly made it to the list of Top 3 Channel Managers In India.


Djubo :

Djubo is a slightly different software in comparison to other Hotel Channel Managers. The strengths of the software can sometimes prove to be it’s weakness and vice-versa.

Djubo is designed keeping in mind the requirements and demands of a stand-alone hotel or a property. It bears some features that are very distinct from the other channel managers in India. It provides expert solutions to solve the problems that a single property owner faces.

One unique feature of Djubo is the CRS system or it’s Dashboard.

It has an authentic dashboard system with a live check-in and check-out facility. Moreover, a hotelier can also track the real time inventory through the dashboard offered by Djubo. The overall review of the software is that it’s very unique and convenient to use.

The connectivity of the software is decent, although it lacks behind in third-party PMS connectivity. The speed of the software is good.

Djubo’s payment system for offline bookings and revenue management systems is one of its strong points. In addition, the software offers its users a number of unique features.

Djubo surely provides a fair value for the money invested, the service and support offered by the software team can be a lot better. As said before, Djubo is the Best Hotel Channel Manager for stand-alone properties.


This was a complete guide to the Top 3 Channel Managers In India. In case, you’re looking for an expert Hotel Revenue Manager and Hotel Marketing Manager feel free to visit Bigfoot Hospitality– The experts that will help you boost your hotel reach and revenue.

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